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Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's my party, so I'll have cake and eat it too!

Today we had a little birthday party for Sofia and her friends at Casa de Daniel. We were joined by Debbie (Meg's mom), Matt and Stacey, Dawn, Meg's co-teacher Dan and his family (wife Lauren and sons Owen and Wyatt). Wyatt is in daycare with Sofia. We ate lots of food and enjoyed watching the kids play. We made Sofia pumpkin cream-cheese frosting muffins that she had two months ago when Wyatt turned 1yr old, and loved! My mom and dad even joined in by phone when we sang "Happy Birthday". Today was so much fun...I can't even imagine what Sofia's ACTUAL birthday on Tuesday the 16th is going to be like. Thank you everyone for the lovely cards and gifts.

Hey, this plate is clean, where is my cake?

Thanks to Andrea for the chair decorations, she loved them!

G-pa would love this no-spill mat!

I love all of the gifts!
Hangin' out with the boys, Wyatt and Owen.
Mmmm, my first cake!

Fun to be one! They sure got that right. :)

The first gift! Mom had to help with the opening...that is until Wyatt showed up!

Presents or that paper and boxes they came in...I'm not sure what is more fun?!?!

Sofia's First Birthday Serenade


GPA said...

Thanks for sharing!! That is so cool to be able to see when you can't be there! She looks like she is enjoying the frosting! Great pictures too!! We miss you guys sooooo much!!!

Mom said...

We couldn't wait to get up this morning to watch the video and hear the singing. Thanks for including us in the party (and making sure our crooning didn't get magnified somehow). Clever of you to sneak your mug in there, Chris! So much fun. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Ah, what a party.
The highchair looks familiar except for the decorations.
My gift to Anna on saturday's baby shower was the same. I am so lucky to have family members shop for me and can choose the best.
We plan on calling on the 16th.
love to you all.

Andrea said...

Happy last day of being zero, Sofia!! :) Glad to see the high chair decor and "Fun to be One" candle went to good use.
Get ready for the phone calls to come streaming in tomorrow! I still remember getting the call that Meg was in labor last year and calling my own family to tell them the good news. It was really special to wait in anticipation for Sofia's arrival!
love, Andrea

Anonymous said...

Meg, you have some dirty socks. Time to get some new ones...