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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The view from Mom...........

I'm just ending my visit to Meghan, Chris and Sofia......These five days have given me a great look at their family and their life in beautiful Denver. Sofia is energetic and so even-tempered, and Meg and Chris are great parents who are raising her with care and love. I'm proud of them! ( Sofia has almost mastered the E-I-E-I-O song, and I'm sure she'll call me any day to let me hear it!)

I'm also so proud of both Meg and Chris as they start to experience success in their work lives! Chris is obviously responsible for many critical meetings and decisions and continues to get feed-back that he's very much valued at MYC----That tells me his bosses must be very smart! On Monday, I visited school with Meghan once again and as always, was so impressed with her teaching skill---She is challenging her students to a very high level and it's so obvious that they want to work hard for her because her encouragement is really important to them. It's pretty much a blast at Sky Vista Middle School!

On Sunday, several friends came over for Sofia's birthday celebration----I saw how much Chris and Meg enjoy having people they care about in their home and how well they work together so that everyone has a good time. I'm so glad they're relaxed and happy and up-lifted by the support of their good friends here.

So.....I have lots of mixed feelings today! Sad that I'm so far away from their daily lives, but so glad to see how well they're doing and how strong they are together. We'll look forward to coming here at Christmas and already have some great things planned!

As my Irish husband would say, "Meghan, Chris and Sofia.... Until we meet again,May God hold you in the palm of His hand."
Love you guys,


Andrea said...

Meg, does this mean you aren't coming to Michigan for Christmas??

Daddio said...

not this year...but were are excepting visitors for a Rocky Mtn X-Mas!