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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Desperate Measures

Bedtime has been quite a battle time lately for Sofia and I. Sunday night I got an idea. I made a chart. Yes, it was a defining moment of being a parent for me. So, together at the kitchen table, Sofia colored and so did I...

We looked at and talked about our "Bedtime Routine" about 15 times before we actually began the process. AND, I was sure to point out each phase of the process we were in during the actual routine. The result? Sofia was asleep in 15 minutes! Success! night number two went just as smooth. With stickers as a reward, I may not have found the cure for the bedtime blues, but I sure have found some pretty good remedies in the meantime!
Team Momma: 1


Kate D said...

Megs, that is fantastic! What a great mom!

Momma MIa said...

Go Team Momma! Such a darling chart, including the way the stripes on the bedcovers reflect the little body under there.

BrianandDebbie said...

Meggie, Okay, so now you've got her learning sequencing, telling a story, learning a routine and practicing consistency, relating pictures to words, engaging text with real life examples.......and she's only two!!! ( Isn't it like a big YUK to have such an educator family.....:-) Can the theory of relativity be saved until she's four????

You're a way cool Mom honey.

Anonymous said...

Meghan, way to go!! It is hard being a parent and when the rewards come, it is priceless!
She is a quick study, don't all of you agree?
Aunt Connie

Kim said...

As an elementary school teacher I can tell you that this will greatly help in her ability to sequence events in a story. (You would be shocked about how many 8 and 9 year olds cannot put the event from a story in the order in which they happened.) Great idea! I love the illustrations!