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Monday, November 03, 2008

Oh Blessed Daylight Savings

Alright. I admit it. I was secretly counting down the days until daylight savings arrived. It isn't just the glorious extra hour of sleep and the feeling that I got to go on a mini-vacation for one night. No. It is something much, much more. Daylight savings meant a "do-over" for Sofia's bedtime. 

Bedtime has been renamed "battle time" since Chris left for Gunnison. The two of us used to put her to bed each night tag-team style: one person read a story, the other got her settled and to sleep. Well, now that Mama's the only sheriff in town during the week, Sofia hasn't been as much of a fan of the bedtime routine. She definitely misses her Daddy! There have been several nights in the last 3 weeks where she hasn't fallen asleep until after 9. When her usual bedtime is 7/7:30, this makes Mama tired. Very tired. 

Sunday, November 2. This day meant a psychological revival for me and a chance to reset Sofia's body clock. I started prepping her for bed with a big dinner, long bath, tons of stories, and soft lighting around 6. I figured that she might start getting tired around 7 and asleep soon after because it would look like and feel like 8. I was right! For two nights in a row, Sofia has gone down to sleep by 7:45! Not only does she wake up much happier, but I know she will be healthier and stronger as a result of a really good night's rest each night. 

The extra few minutes of quiet time in the evening has allowed me to actually stay on top of things in the house. I have friends coming over tomorrow night to watch election results and my house is not just picked up, but clean. I even have dinner planned! It's nice to feel like I am semi-on top of things...we'll see how long it actually lasts. :) 

That being said, I'm going to go and peak in on Sofia sleeping and head to bed myself. 



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BrianandDebbie said...

So glad Little Missy is cooperating with the new routine.....and glad you're balancing the rest and work routine! Love to all,

Momma Mia said...

Meghan, good work. It didn't take you long to figure out how to finesse things with Chris gone during the week. I have lots of faith in you!
Momma Mia