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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

There is no way that this cutie patootie Little Red Riding Hood was going to get gobbled up by the Big Bad Wolf!

Getting ready for the big Halloween Event at my friend Amber's house.


" This is the pumpkin that I want, Mom!"

Shoes: Check! Dress: Check! Cape: Check! Trick or Treat!


BrianandDebbie said...

Oh my ADORABLE!!! She is so into all the celebrations----her birthday, Halloween, bed-time, etc. Looks like a party girl to me----I wonder where that comes from?????
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

She is SO CUTE!!! I loved hearing her say the alphabet- so clear too! :) Keep em coming! love, Sa

southern daze said...

She's absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

I especially love the peek-a-boo one! How cute!