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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Video Journal

Our little Sofia keeps us very busy these days. She turned "boo" two weeks ago and has been making strides in every aspect of her little life that would surpass any 25 year old. Finding time to write has been a little bit more difficult than I anticipated, so the video camera has come in extremely handy these last few weeks. Here are just a few snipetts of our time together...

Happy Birthday! (October 16th)

Mittens made with parents in mind. :)

White girls CAN jump!

The ABC's of Bedtime. Listen closely for L and W. :)


BrianandDebbie said...

Love the alphabet! What a long attention span for such a little one....she sure loves her Daddy's attention! Are there gifted programs in Denver for obviously brilliant two year olds? :-)

Dad and Mom said...

Thanks so vary much for sharing the videos. Next best thing to being there! Chris, you make a terrific trampoline.

Dad and Mom

Andrea said...

Sofia was just too cute saying the alphabet!! What a smart girl :)

I'm so glad you shared these. I've missed the blog updates.