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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Munch - Short for Munchkin

Sofia has a stomach bug. Last night she went to bed saying, "My tummy huuts." She vomited a few times and then slept in until 9:30am. She still isn't 100% but she is feeling a little better. She lifted her shirt to show me all the goldfish crackers she ate and said, "I got a lot of fishes in my tummy." Five minutes later she was passed out again.
Finally got a "cheese" while the camera did it's thing. Love this smile. Love it!

Here's to you Raider Fans! Go Broncos!
Growing up so fast it makes my heart skip a beat.


southern daze said...

I hope you both are feeling 100% soon! She is so sweet and just gets more and more adorable every time I see a picture. I can't believe how big she's grown!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet photos, but so sorry she has a bug again. You are right, Chris, she really is growing.

Lots of hugs,
D and M

Andrea said...

oooh! I LOVE that last picture. What a pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for squeezing in a snap of the pooch!


Your blog's favorite Raider fan and Michigan fan!

GPA said...

Thanks Chris! Those are really good pictures - can't wait to see your girls in a couple of weeks! The moon was really funny - she won't be happy with you when you show that in the album at her high school graduation!