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Monday, June 01, 2009

Here We Go

As of today, I am officially a doctoral candidate! I began my first two classes today:
  1. Research Form I: my first research class designed to plan out my research, studies and time line for my dissertation.
  2. Foundations to Doctoral Studies: In this class, I will learn many of the foundational pieces to scholarly writing, research, put together a professional development plan, as well as a clear description of what I hope to achieve throughout (and beyond!) this program. All these things will be used to match me up with my academic adviser who will hopefully end up being my committee chair for my dissertation defense.
The courses are actually kind of cool and I am pleased that Walden has developed a program that sets a strong foundation for their students to be successful in. Once I am matched with my academic adviser, I will have 4(!) mentors to watch over and guide me during my program. There is certainly no shortage of support!

So, that's that. Hopefully I won't get carpal tunnel from all the typing. :) My first quarter ends August 23....

P.S. This is my "First Day of Graduate School" photo. Do I look doctor-y? :)


southern daze said...

You're gonna do FANTASTIC!! Congrats :-)

Daddio said...

you the woman!!!

BrianandDebbie said...

Good for you, Ms. Life-Long Learner! :-)
We're proud you, honey.
Love to you,
Mom and Brian

Mary said...

Makes my head hurt just reading the class descriptions! Way to go!


Anonymous said...

all I can say is;


Good luck


GPA said...

Meg, we are really proud of you. You keep it going and continue to succeed!!