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Friday, May 29, 2009

Quiet Time

It's been quiet on our block lately. If you recall, there are four carriage homes on our block, each with two units. Right now, ALL FOUR GROUND FLOOR UNITS are for sale! And, all four owners have moved out! Our neighbor to the right of us rarely ever speaks and our other two neighbors are gone frequently on business. That leaves us. Like I said, it's been quiet.

There is a bonus to the lack of activity, however. As our homes are fairly close together, I have always been conscious of Sofia crying, screaming or making generally loud toddler noises. But the other night as she was protesting in earnest about going into time out I thought, let 'er rip, kid. Maybe this will tire you out and we won't distract the neighbors! Double bonus!

On a serious note, we do love our neighbors and have written about them often. We were extremely fortunate in our move to our neighborhood three years ago to develop a wonderful set of friends who will remain so despite the distance that now exists between our addresses. We miss them when they are gone and treasure the time when they are here. :)

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Anonymous said...

does this mean you guys are considering moving too?