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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This much really can happen!

**This post will chronicle a series of odd events providing proof that when it rains, it POURS!**
Tuesday afternoon I recieved a phone call from Chris.

Chris: Hi Honey. I think I just hurt myself.
Me: Are you okay?
Chris: Umm, I'm not sure.
Me: What happened?
Chris: I fell off the ladder in the garage.
Me: Funny. You're not serious are you?
Chris: Um, yeah. (with a quiver in his voice)
Me: Do you need me to come home?
Chris: I think so.

So, off I flew to grab Sofia from daycare and get Chris to the doctor. After a quick call to my friend Kerry to see if I could have Sofia play there while taking Chris to the ER (THANK YOU!), we were off to grab Chris and get him to see a doc.

We were really lucky when we arrived at the hospital; a slow ER and super kind staff. We were seen right away and within 2 minutes of the doc looking at Chris's swelling-by-the-minute knee, she said it was a classic MCL (medial cruciate ligament) and meniscus tear. Yikes! A leg immobilizer, crutches, pain meds and staying off his leg(!) were ordered. He was a great student as the tech had him practice with the crutches before we left and loaded into the car. We then had to go get Sofia, fill my running-on-fumes car with gas, hit a drive-through for some dinner and pick up Chris's prescription. By the time we got home around 9 p.m., all three of us were exhausted!

But that is when the real fun began...

Chris still needed to send off some instructions to his nighttime engineer and of course, our internet was NOT coorporating with his computer. After messing around with it for nearly an hour, I finally just re-typed the entire to-list on my computer and sent it off to his engineer. I got Chris settled into bed, went to let the dog out and tied up the loose ends around the house. At 10:30, I climbed into bed barely able to hold my eyes open when suddenly, I. Woke. Up.

I tossed, turned, heard every noise in the house, and just could not sleep. At all. Ugh! I was soooooo frustrated! Poor Chris was grunting (unknowingly) with every turn he made. I could just tell he was in so much pain and felt awful! I think I spent the better part of an hour just staring at him because I didn't know what else I could do to help him while he was sleeping. :(

The last time I looked at the clock, it was 1 a.m. ahhh

2 a.m. Maaaaammmmmmaaaaaa!

And, I'm up!...and was up for 2 more hours. Turns out, Sofia was having sympathy pains for her Daddy. It was not a happy night for legs in our house!

4 a.m. Like a ton of bricks, my head hit my pillow.

4:30 a.m. Thank God Chris chose a decent song for the alarm clock to play this morning! And I'm up once again! I helped Chris get his things together, ice his knee, get dressed and into his truck...and it only took an hour! I felt pretty good about that, so decided to reward myself with a quick 30 minute nap. I could wake up at 6 and still be out the door by 6:45 for work.

At 7:30, I woke up. s#!t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I threw on a shirt, a pair of jeans, grabbed my coffee cup, Sofia, the dog, my computer bag, the kitchen sink and ran out the door. I let Sofia play in the van while Layla did her business quickly. After locking the dog inside, I took my coffee cup, placed it on top of the car (like I do every day) and leaned in to fasten Sofia into her carseat.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, shall we cue the INSANELY HUGE WIND GUST FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Yes, I think we shall. AND, let's make it so it knocks the coffee cup directly over my head over so that it falls down my head, back, legs and ricochets into the front passenger seat so that the lid falls off and coffee empties into my purse, floor, diaper bag and seat. Awesome.


So here we are now. It's Thursday night. We have all survived the last day and a half without any more major mishaps. Chris's knee is still swollen, but not nearly as painful as it was on Tuesday. Sofia managed to sleep through the night last night (yay!) and we are going for night #2 tonight. Tomorrow (Friday) we have our annual 8th grade dinner and formal dance which I have been planning for the past 3 months. It will be lots of fun, but I will be really glad when the week is over. (This dance is comparable to a wedding in size, food, entertainment, etc.)

The weekend has never looked so good. I am actually looking forward to the rain that is being predicted...movies, the couch and a whole lot of 'nothing are on my agenda! :)


Chris said...

I believe the phone conversation went like this...

Chris: Hi Honey, I think I am injured.
Meg: Are you okay?
Chris: Umm, I am not sure.
Meg: What happened?
Chris: I just saved a buring bus filled with world leaders and young children.
Meg:Funny, your not serious are you?
Chris: Hold on, the Leader of Micronesia (Zoolander reference)needs mouth to mouth, but yes I am serious. (With a steady, stong, unwavering voice)
Meg:Do you need me to come home?
Chris: Just let me put on a band-aid and I'll meet you there.

southern daze said...

What a week!! I hope you guys have a restful + relaxing weekend and Chris begins feeling better.

GPA said...

I'm thinking about you and hoping everything is okay. I'll call - hope no surgery is needed!

Andrea said...

What a rough day(s)!! You definitely deserve a break! We'll have to catch up this weekend. :)

Kate D said...

Geez, when I got to the part when your coffee spilled all over you, I thought, 'No way could that have all happened.' At that point I think I would have crawled back into bed.

Get well soon, Chris!

Sofia, you sleep well for your momma's sake!

Megs, you're a trooper.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! What a horrible day!! It's too bad I live so far away, I could help out Chris' knee!! Hope the weekend is very uneventful for you!! Love you and thinking about you!! Sa

Anonymous said...

OH MY DEAR.......

I am so sorry you fell and screwed up your knee. Lucky you didn't hit your head as it is obvious your brain is still great.

Saving the world is what you do best so now rest that leg and get a full recovery.

Love you so much