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Friday, May 01, 2009

You Know You Work In A School When...

The other day while talking to a teacher in his classroom, a student farted...and I mean FAR-TED! The response from the teacher was "That's right. That's how *Johnny rolls" and then continued right on with our conversation.

There is a 42-inch plotter outside my office. A while back, I heard two boys walk by it.
Boy A: What is that?
Boy B: It's a tanning bed for little people.
Boy A: Ohhhhhh!

Hey, Mrs. Daniel.
Oh hey, *Sarah. How are you today?
So do you have soccer practice tonight?
Oh. I guess I do! I forgot until you asked me. I should come in your office more often so you can ask me questions. Bye!

*names have been changed

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BrianandDebbie said...

Kids are sometimes so hysterical! I love those stories----The only trouble is, when you have children of your own you can hardly decide on a baby's name, because every name reminds you of one of your school kids! I'm glad you're laughing---It's good for the soul, isn't it?