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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going Bananas

Sofia has been demonstrating particular moments of independence lately. These include such activities of wanting to get dressed on her own, buckling her car seat, putting on her shoes and even getting her own drinks from the refrigerator. "Sofia do it!" she'll say with gusto. We do our best to encourage and guide her in these moments so that she learns to make independent decisions wisely and politely, but sometimes, she doesn't like our guidance.

Last night, as it was nearing bedtime, such an instance took place. While walking through the living room, holding a banana, Sofia decided that she didn't like one of our requests to steer her independence. She walked closer to me saying, "No!" which I promptly responded, "I'm sorry, Sofia, but Mommy and Daddy have asked you nicely."

We watched in slow motion as she took her banana and began to rub it into the arm of the couch. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Chris and I both belted out and lunged for the banana at the same time. Sofia looked at us, then the banana on the couch, then us again and started to cry. We felt bad, she felt bad and I'm guessing so did the banana.

Needless to say, the tears didn't last long, the banana cleaned up just fine thanks to the miracle fabric known as microsuade, and within 20 minutes Sofia was on her way to choose her own bedtime story.


Daddio said...

It was one of those moments where Sofia didn't eat much dinner and we were holding off snacks and she finaly asked for a bananna. After like two bites she didn't want it and that is where Meg's Story picks up. Watching her is my favorite thing to do.

The banana was totally in slow motion too...

GPA said...

I can remember those days! Independence is a tough one! I think I know why Chris chose the career he did - had something to do with a hammer in his hand and deciding he should nail some flys into the hood of my new Honda! Thank goodness I was on the roof cleaning gutters and couldn't get to him! Mary saved him - took him in the bathroom and locked the door!