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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 165: I've Got Rhythm

I've got music. And so does my family. :) It has been the founding cornerstone of my family and what has brought us all together over the years. Now, as a parent, it's been really interesting watching my kids find their place with music. I remember Sofia being about 9 months old sitting in the back seat and repeating major thirds I was singing. She had (and still does) the sweetest, softest voice. I couldn't help but wonder how music was going to play a role in the rest of her life.

Today, Nico had a major musical showing. My sister and I were making up words to different songs and putting his name into them. He was watching us like a hawk and bobbing his head  in rhythm. Then, at dinner, as only the Michaels family can do, we started playing rhythms with our hands and utensils on the table top and dinnerware. Nico got so into it that he squealed and was banging his hands on his high chair tray, again, in rhythm! It was seriously so cool.

Music, family and an impromptu orchestra made up of eating utensils, hands, and a tabletop...for this, I am thankful! :)

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Anonymous said...

Boy! would I like to have been there to listen to all of that wonderful music and sounds of rhythm.
Aunt Connie