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Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 174: The Doctor Is NOT In

You know you are at the your child's doctor's office too often when you walk in and more than one doctor and nurse (who are not yours) know you by name. But add the following phrase, "it's been a while", "I love your hair", "he's one?!?" after a personalized greeting, and it's a good thing.

Until today, Nico had not been to the doctor since May 1st. Nearly 8 weeks later, it felt good to walk into the office and be recognized for both familiarity and absence.

While Nico had a little bump in the road this week , it has been a wonderful stretch of complete and utter stress-free healthiness.

And for this, I am TRULY thankful!

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Andrea said...

Ugh, I TOTALLY agree! We took Thomas in for his 2 year well baby and several nurses commented on "Hurray, he's healthy!" I'm so glad that Nico is doing so well. Yay for tubes!! :)