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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 167: The Return of Bear Bear

Whoa. Did we ever divert quite possibly the biggest disaster EVER! After unloading our overnight items into our hotel, I went back down to the car to grab a couple more items from the cooler. While I was in the car, I saw that Sofia's favorite bedtime lovey, Bear Bear, had been left behind on her car seat. Naturally, I grabbed it with the other items and headed back to the room.

Fast forward 20 minutes. Bags unpacked, food in the fridge, room organized. But where was Bear Bear? In all the hub bub, I didn't realize that he had slipped from my full armload on the way up to the room. I panicked internally. I mean seriously panicked. Sofia has had this lovey literally since the day she was born. She sleeps with it every night without fail. I decided to backtrack.

I was no further than 2 steps out of the elevator in the lobby when an elderly man stopped me. "I bet you're looking for something special!" He clearly read the panic on my face. "Um, yes," I responded. "Just so happens that I found a little bear in the elevator about 15 minutes ago. I'm guessing a little one might have a hard time sleeping tonight without it."

Thank you, Mr. Nice Man. You saved some serious tears in an unfamiliar hotel tonight. :)

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Anonymous said...

I think that angels come in lots of forms and you surely had one in that hotel on a very important night!
Aunt Connie