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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas Pictures

This was definitely a Christmas to remember! Chris, Sofia and I were blessed to have been able to spend time with family and friends over the holidays in Michigan. Despite the lack of snow, it was a beautiful Christmas filled with lots of love. While it was impossible to put all our pictures up on the blog, we hope that you all know how special it was spending time with each of you. There were lots of cameras present during our visit with our little bundle of joy around, so we would LOVE any pictures that you may have that we were not able to catch. Thanks for all the memories in 2006 and may blessings be bestowed upon you all in 2007. Enjoy the pictures!

Talk about a cat nap...

Why the hell did you guys put this on my head?!?!

Look at me! I'm so strong!

Sofia's first plane ride!...No screaming allowed! :) She even got a first flight certificate for being such a great passenger.

Playing at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport wasting away our 4 HOUR layover on the way to Michigan.

Chris! I missed you so much! Come here! a.k.a. Lindsey hammin' it up.

Last but not least, Grandpa Brian finally meets Sofia and spends time watching Hockey Night in Canada. Go Leafs!

Ahh, Penni. We missed you. This is the first time EVER that he didn't want his picture taken. Smile Zoolander! :)

Sofia's baptism on Christmas Eve morning.

Aunt Mairi enjoys some quiet time.

Grandma Mary and Sofia investigating presents on Christmas Eve.

Meg and Lindsey catching up.

If it has to do with cleaning, you know Grandpa David will be there...Sofia gave him PLENTY of opportunities for this!

Walker and Maggie on Christmas morning. Where's the snow?

Sofia wanted to help with the laundry.

A night out to celebrate Chris's 26th birthday.

Four generations! Great-Grandma Johnson, Grandma Debbie, Meg and Sofia


Andrea said...

Aw, Meg! That 4 generation picture is SO sweet! What a great memory. Was wonderful to see you & to meet Sofia over Christmas.
love ya!

lkd said...

chris - please expect one painful arm punch from your dear sister for the publishing of the self portrait. i have moved up to the 10 pound dumbbells so watch out.

hug meghan and kiss your daughter for me.

lil' sis

Anonymous said...

ok, I mean I love you guys but come on... Take that picture of me off the internet... My future wife could be seeing this! But it still was a very merry CHRIStmas!!!
From the man with the sexiest name alive! Jonathan Michael Pennington.

GPA said...

great pictures!! it was so much fun having all three of you home!!! we miss you soooo much already!!