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Friday, January 05, 2007

Won't you take me to, Sicky Town...

Welcome one and all, big and small. I got either food poisoning or the stomach flu on Monday night. I thought I just ate too much on New Years Day, but it turned out to be a whole lot more, and I mean a whole more. I went to bed that night feeling bloated and in some pain, and when I woke up shortly after, I couldn't even make it out of bed. Lets just say I had to clean carpets, mop the bathroom floor, and wash all the clothes I had unpacked and organized to be put away. I couldn't even hold down water and tums. I stayed home from work on Tuesday and felt almost perfect on Wednesday.
Thursday, Colleen (Sofia's at home daycare provider) said Sofia had lots of gas and loaded three diapers. Later that night, she loaded a nice one that spilled up her back, right AFTER we gave her a bath. We striped her down and held her little toosh under the faucet, and gave her another bath. She gave us a curious look like, "Wasn't I just here?"
Friday was Meg's turn. She started the day great with a snow day on an already short 4-day holiday week. Denver got it's third winter storm in as many weeks. In just over half a day, 6-8 inches of fresh snow fell on top of the old 2-3 feet we had accumulated. Meg stayed home with Sofia, then her rolling stomach from Thursday night turned into the stomach flu. Our neighboor Jen, working from home due to her stuck car, took Sofia to her place for the afternoon to care for her while mom was out of commision.
I am now home from work and taking care of Meg's stomach and Sofia's bottom. I love Friday nights! It was great to see most of you all over break. Thank you again for the shower of gifts and love. Holidays are the best when shared with family and friends. Our camera needs some repair, so well ge the pictures up soon.

Sorry if there is any bad spelling/grammer, Meg's too sick to check my work.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how we can feel for you.
The bug hit me on the flight home from Mi It has been ten days and tho the intestine problem solved, I am left with terrible cough. C's turn came, needed ambulance to take him to hospital. He is better.

You take care......we loved seeing you so it was worth it
drink plenty of fluids......

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That sounds awful! We're thinking of you and hope you all recover soon! It was great seeing you!
Love Brad and Maris

Mom and Brian said...

Poor babies! I'm so sorry you've had a rough time....Hope it doesn't last too long. Take good care of yourselves and know we're thinking of you!
Love you,
Mom and Brian

TKP said...

Sorry to hear you guys are all so sick! I trust that you're better. I love that you spelled "grammer" wrong in your apologetic note. Was that on purpose? Feel better soon!