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Friday, January 12, 2007

Great-Grandparents Clint and Katie Weltsch

This Christmas my grandparents were healthy enough to travel to Michigan for another happy holiday. They have helped with my parents to start a college tuition mutual fund for Sofia. We had a great time visiting with them and thinking of all of the Christmas memories of the past. Grandpa and I continued our tradition of playing a game of Cribbage. Meg and I are very proud to bring Sofia in their lives as their first great-grandchild. They often eat dinner with a picture of Sofia on the table and bring the picture with them to social events with their friends. How cute!!!


GPA said...

That is so cool! Mary and I looked at this yesterday and your Grand Parents are going to be so happy to see this! They really made a major effort to come to GR to see you two and Sofia and this is just special! Great Idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Back online again........
Missing my laptop so switched onto Grampa's computer.
What a surprise when I got your blog back on.

You are the best little family and we loved being with you.

God bless