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Friday, January 26, 2007

Play time and clean time...daddy's favorite / Week in Review

Wow, what a week. Meg and I both were pretty busy with our jobs in these last five days. Meghan had a really nice lab set up for her students this week as they experimented on cow urine that Meg had donated from a connection with a local farmer. Ok, it was actually fake urine she had created and totally had the kids buyin' into the whole farmer and cow deal. She spent time before and after school setting up this lab and making her fake urine.

I did not get to play with urine, I got to play boss. My superintendant was gone most of the week at a concrete convention. I know you are all laughing right now, yes I did say (or type for that matter) a concrete convention. The funny thing is that I really wish I could have gone! Not only to find out the leading techniques to install and finish concrete, but also because it was in Vegas baby! Besides not getting to see Elvis in person, it was good staying here and getting to call the shots on the jobsite. The building didn't fall in or collapse, so I am going to call it a successfull week. There were a few late nights as I had to be the last one to lock the gates and herd everyone out.

Sofia is doing great, she is napping less during the day and is sleeping ok at night. We are close to a full night's sleep but not quite there yet. Determination will defeat sleep deprevation! Sofia has certainly found her hands and is stuffing them in her mouth whenever her nuk is not in there. Meg thinks she may be getting a tooth soon as her gums are getting hard. I haven't read the baby book to confirm this possible development, but she is probabley correct...she almost always is. Bath time is tons of fun and is some of my favorite time with her. I love her little frog legs kicking the water around, so cute. We also like to prop her up and watch a Baby Einstien video with her. Even Layla enjoys play tme with Sofia. Man this girl has got daddy wrapped around her little fingers!


Kristen said...

I have the cutest niece in the WHOLE world!! She looks bigger already. Chris- I really did laugh about the concrete convention, but I'm so proud of you for taking care of things at work on your own! And Meg- You would tell your kids they were working with cow urine!! I'm sure they had a great time with that lab:) Anyways, I love you guys and I hope you're having fun today out at Brek! We definitely have to go out there sometime when I come visit.

Love you guys & Miss you,


Dad and Mom said...

We are stripping wallpaper today. Dad did one strip and ran completely out of patience. Think he would rather be ankle-deep in that cow urine. Personally, I would rather be in Breckinridge or giving Sofia swimming lessons. Who knew concrete had a convention?! You have a year to manuever yourself in line for next year, Chris! Dad & I will babysit Sofia - in Las Vegas!
XXOX, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Good to see that dog in one the photos too!