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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Like Father, Like Son

Growing up, we watched a lot of movies together as a family. Mom likes the "feel good" and Oscar nominated films while Dad likes the movies chalk full of drama, thrills, and suspense. My dad got quite the reputation for returning from the movie store with movies that he had previously rented. Sometimes he would realize this at the begining of the movie, sometimes in the middle, and sometimes not at all, at least until my mom convinced him.

Today I got one of my Netflix movies in and sure enough, it was a movie I had already seen. The sad thing is that the movie is one Meg and I both saw in the theater together. After all those years of teasing dad, now I am the one with the movie short term memory. I guess that's karma for ya...

P.S. Meg has finished her third week back to school. She is adjusting well and doing a great job. Keep it up Meg!


Woody said...

It's a sad state that the mind is going already!
Hope all is well and GO BEARS!!!!

Momma Mia said...

I hear it eventually gets better, Chris, i.e. when you reach the point where ALL of the movies look new to you no matter how many times you have rented them. :>)

Give Sofia a hug. Way to go, Meg!

GPA said...

What can I say? I just hope "The nut (apple), whatever, doesn't fall far from the tree" isn't true! I have good points - not many! - but I don't want Chris to inherit the bad ones I have. Too funny, but I love the Netflix! just got two more today -time to update the next ones - and Mary even gets to choose one this time - just one!