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Friday, July 27, 2007

Great News!

Chris just got the news today that he will be beginning his next project in the middle of August. The cool part is that it's not just ONE's TWO! ...AND he will be working out of the Frederek office just 25 miles outside of the city! He will only have to report to the actual job sites on an occasional basis. No more 1 hour drives for my hard working hubby.

I love Chris so much and I am so proud of him!


Chris said...

It is spelled Frederick and I am excited because it is a brand new office building filled with everyone combined from our two previous offices in Denver and Fort Collins. Two jobs at once, a new challege, bring it on...

Dad and Mom said...

Oh, Chris, just what you needed!!!! Prayers answered! We are looking forward to hearing about the new experiences on the new projects. Time to drag those office clothes to the front of the closet.

Mom and Dad

Mom and Brian said...

This is so great!!!!! We're VERY proud and happy for you----It sounds like a new and different type of experience and we know you're always open to that!Congrats to you, and much love.

Mom and Brian

Anonymous said...

Can you hear me singing...

Go Christopher, Go Christopher!!

Arm movements optional!!!

So pleased for you to be off the road......and your talents put to good use.

Now you can get the chips out of your windshield too.

Oh, so happy and proud of you.

Love, Gram

Kate D said...

Yay! I know that is what you were both hoping for. This will be great for all of you. Lucky girls will get to see daddy/hubby more!