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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hello From Daddio

Meg has been writing most of the posts lately, so I thought I would give a little update from Daddio. My construction project in Loveland is finally on the tailend of things but has required some super long work weeks (think Monday - Saturday). So,
the begining of my summer has been pretty much work work work. The forecast for the second half looks better, just work work. At least I have a supportive and understanding wife and a beautiful smiley baby at home to give me inspiration and dedication to work hard. I'm not sure if my next project will be ready for me to join right away or if I will be spending some time in our new office in Frederick. Either way, whatever comes next will be a nice break and change of pace.

But all is well...Broncos training camp starts in two and half weeks.


Anonymous said...

What GREAT pictures! Love the facials :-)
Chris, we think often of your job situation----MYC is so lucky to have you, and we wish you the best in the transition time right now---It's nice to be reaching the end of a project and feel that sense of accomplishment, isn't it? We're proud of you, and we're proud that you're such an appreciative partner for Meg, too. Love you lots!
Momma D

Anonymous said...

So just remember..."what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." I think that is what I'm going to put on my Gravestone. Think about it. Anyways sounds like youre getting the Worker, Friend, Father, and Husband of the year award. Keep up the good work buddy and don't let your meat loaf.
Penni Style

Anonymous said...

we have always known you hold up more than your end of the stick.

More power to you


Mom and Dad said...

So, my little sweet potato, that's what you've been up to. I hope MYC appreciates you and rewards you for your dedication and hardwork, and that you are able to manage more "work/life balance" (as LKD says) in the second half of 2007. Take good care of yourself. Give that little wiggly one a big kiss from us.
Mom and Dad

Kate D said...

i love the black and whites! sofia looks tiny but strong compared to my chubby blob. haha