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Friday, July 13, 2007

Just Like Mission Impossible

What an increedible week! Sofia, Dawn and I arrived back in Denver on Thursday evening after a super-relaxing trip to her family cabin in Utah. We did absolutely NOTHING except eat, laugh, drink wine, and have a beauty day complete with haircuts and pedicures...even for Sofia! :)
Dawn's sister, Nicole is a stylist and was the sole provider to us all on beauty day. :) She even gave Gracey, the family dog a haircut! Sofia and I were made to feel so welcome at the Lazy Bear Cabin and it was as if our families had known each other our entire lives. It blows me away to have found friendships so unique this late in life.

In my complete dorkdom, I totally dug the drive across the Rockies. I was floored to see that the western slope was the complete opposite of the lush, green and forest-filled front range. Remember the opening scene from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE:II when Tom Cruise is climbing on the giant orange rocks in the middle of nowhere?...that is Utah and what consumed the bulk of our drive until we reached the Sierra Nevadas where the Lazy Bear was. Sofia was a rockstar both to Utah and back crying MAYBE a total of 10 minutes combined!

I feel rested and refreshed, but I am very glad to be home. I missed my hubby!!!


Kate D said...

i love those little painted toesies! don't you love being a teacher with time to take cool trips like that in the summer? i'm glad you got to relax.

Momma Mia said...

Those little cherry-tipped toes look tasty! Looks like Sofia is thoroughly enjoying her spa treatment, and that it is another fun trip for the Traveling Daniel Girls.

Momma Mia

LindseyandJaffer said...

Glad to hear that you have made such strong friendships out there - I can only hope for the same! You are quite lucky!

The smile on Sofia's face while getting her toes done is just hysterical! Love to you all and I hope Layla feels better soon!