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Monday, September 01, 2008

Bye Bye Baby Days

Today, Chris and I had a dose of reality that our little baby girl is not quite a "baby" anymore. Aside from the constant mention of "poo poo" and pointing to her bum as an indication of toilet training in the near future, we were feeling fairly secure that our wee one was still, well, wee. The other night, however, we went to check on Sofia before falling asleep and realized that she looked HUGE in her crib. Was it time? Really? Time for the Big Girl Bed? So it was.

Before Sofia was born, we had used her room as guest room and had a queen sized bed in it. We decided that since we had this bed in storage it would be stupid to purchase a toddler/twin bed when we could simply put the queen bed back in the room AND now have a place for people to sleep when the come to visit. So, this morning, we headed off to Target on a decorating mission. We are quite pleased with our finds and the reusability of our crib! We screwed the two ends of the crib together to make a headboard. It turned out great! ...Sofia seemed to think so too. :)

We also had a dose of reality when we just looked at Sofia today. I pulled her hair back in a ponytail and she just looked so much older! Both Chris and I both had a moment of getting choked up today. Where has the time gone?

We also found this 90+ set of play food items by General Mills for $10. It even comes with minature boxes of hamburger helper, Cherrios, and Taco Kits. These are real boxes with ingredients, heath labels, and instructions! I can't wait for G-Pa to join us on a web chat and teach Sofia the average profit margin and best marketing methods for each item! If the peas go missing, I'll bet Sofia pulled an Aunt Lindsey and dumped them in the trash can!


Momma Mia said...

Interesting use of the crib. The pictures make it look so easy to swap the beds, but I'm sure you were "pooped" when it was finished! Gpa is looking forward to his visit. He and Sofia will have lots to talk about!

Momma Mia

cyndi & lee said...

I can't believe how grown up she looks! My goodness, it seems like just yesterday that we heard the news of her birth. Oh how time flies!

BTW - Great use of the crib!!

Anonymous said...

Love her "new bedroom"!! She is so cute and yes very much a big girl! love you! SA

Anonymous said...

I will teach sofia many, many things, including how to hide vegetables she doesn't want to eat.
Aunt Lindsey

Anonymous said...


Why was jumping on the bed a NO NO in the old days????

Now it is practice for gymnasics!!

Like her new decor.