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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Operation Big Girl Bed

So we are now 5 days into Sofia sleeping in her new big girl bed. I have to admit that after the first night we were a little worried that we had made a big mistake. After it taking nearly 3 hours AND a car ride to get her to sleep and then three night-time wakings we were dreading night number two.

Monday night was much better - only 45 minutes to get to sleep and one wake-up.

Tuesday night - 20 minutes and one wake up.

Wednesday night - 15 minutes and NO wake ups!

It has stayed the same since then!!

The funniest part about this entire experience took place on Thursday morning when I went into Sofia's room to wake her up to leave. When she didn't wake up at her usual time, I decided to just let her sleep and I would wisk her away when it was time to go. So the time came for me to grab her and I opened her door to find her sitting in the middle of her bed, light on, reading a story! She looked at me with an expression of, "What are you looking at, lady? I'm reading."

Can you say, Independent Woman?


Daddio said...

This kid cracks me up every single day with her Mother/Father attitude (notice mother first)and her facial expressions. What a ham. Working long hours and on the weekends, (like am trying to do right now), is so much more dificult when all you want to do is open the front door and hear Sofia yell, "Dadeeeee!"

debbiemcfalone said...

I love that she's already figuring out how to take care of herself and keep busy! What a doll---I continue to be so glad you two are recording all this.
Love to all,
Mom Debbie

Kate D said...

Oh, I'm so glad you wrote about this! We've been thinking about what that transition will be like and it's good to know that it gets better quickly. I am once again glad you are ahead of me on this whole raising a child thing!

Anonymous said...

I can't IMAGINE where she gets the independent streak! Sofia is on her way to follow in mom and grandma debbie's footsteps to be sure!
Aunt Karey, etc