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Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Family Time!

Today was the last day of the Stapleton pools being open so the Daniel Family took full advantage! In addition to Saturday, we packed up a lunch of sandwiches, raisins, crackers, grapes and juice and headed off to our brand new pool. Unfortunately it closed last week and we were sent the other direction to the Puddle Jumper pool. Still in bike riding distance, this pool is designed for little ones like our growing princess. There are many fountains and play features in and out of the pool to keep hold of the attention span of little ones. Right after lunch, we asked Sofia if she was ready for a nap and she replied with a new, very clear word "yes". So, both days I loaded her up in the bike chariot and took her for a ride. Both times she was out before I figured out which route I was going to take. Once back to the pool, this nap time allowed Mom and Daddio some nice quite time in the sun.
Anyone remember the song by Dave Mathew's Band "Don't Drink the Water"...
I will never get enough of these checks....

Sofia learning to kick, kick, kick...

Actually suprised how long the sun hat lasted. Its a bird, no it's a plane, no it Super Sofia.
What a yawn from a tired girl in her new bed.
Good night little sweetheart. Childhood innocence in it's purest form.
This bed was Meg's back at home in GR when she, and I mean as in Meghan alone, adopted Jack. He has been laying on this bed since we put it up last night.


cyndi & lee said...

I love how you pointed out that Meghan, and Meghan alone, adopted Jack. I'm beginning to sense a common theme when it comes to he quite a handful? If he is, he sure doesn't look it in that picture. Pretty cute if you ask me...

She sure is growing up! Loved the pictures from the pool but didn't I read somewhere that you guys had cold weather in the not so distant past? Glad to see it passed in time for you to take full advantage of Labor Day weekend!

p.s. I was thrilled to see the picture with your (Chris) tattoo. I was beginning to think I was the only member of the Dillard/Daniel clan with one!

debbiemcfalone said...

What cool pictures! Love to see the great time you're having at the pool.....and it's amazing to think she's ready for her big girl bed. Can a driver's license be far behind?
So glad to see so much of your life shared.
Mom Debbie

Anonymous said...

Talk about a beauty!!!

The sun on her hair and also that darling face, melts my heart.

Lacking the ability to touch her, it is so soothing to see her pictures..

what nice parents to share.

Love you