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Friday, September 12, 2008

I Said It's A Bunky!



Momma Mia said...

Best video yet! Be careful when David comes to visit...she may add a few new words to her vocabulary!

Momma Mia

Anonymous said...

What a charmer!!!

That is so cool to hear her speech

I'll bet it just starts tumbling from her lips.

Hugs, ggkt

Anonymous said...

Aww- so cute! I was giggling while watching it every time, yes multiple times! :) Love you and miss you! Sa

Andrea said...

i love the bye-byes and her little wave.

what a cutie!

debbiemcfalone said...

She is such a grown-up!!!!! Loved it.

Mom and Brian

Christie said...

Such a cute video! And nice shirt Meg - go green!

Anonymous said...

The State jokes have stopped after the big win over Florida Atlantic!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Karey and all

LindseyandJaffer said...

Love it. Making me wish I had a webcam so we could talk more often.