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Monday, July 17, 2006

Holy HOT!!!

We've had record breaking temperatures the last few days out here. Needless to say, we're HOT! Argh. Without air conditioning in our place, we've been forced to become creative in our ways to keep cool. Here's a glimpse into our lives the past few days:

1) Drink like 25 glasses of water. (This of course requires then about 40 trips to the bathroom.)
2) Open all windows at night and promptly shut with blinds around 8 a.m. This traps the cool air for at least 3 more hours before a breeze is a definite must again.
3) Go to Bass Pro Shop/Outdoor World to stare at fish tank and the biggest lures one could imagine for 2 hours.
4) Go to Target and look at items we will never need to buy.
5) Sit in coffee shop for 4 hours working on homework for last master's class. (Very atypical level of concentration. AC is definite motivation!)
6) Grocery shop and walk up and down EVERY isle to extend time in store.
7) Watch movies like Vertical Limit, Aspen Extreme, and other snowy, arctic attractions.
8) Sit directly in front of fan with bowl of ice piled up for "make-shift AC". My hubby is so smart!!
9) Wear as few clothes as possible. Potential problem when blinds and windows have to be open.
10) Sit in car outside house with AC on.

I apologize if it sounds like I am complaining. I am really trying not to. It's just that 103 degrees isn't cutting it for this prego.

When does winter come again?


Julia Reynolds said...

Meg -

Just be careful and get into the COOL as much as you can to reduce your chances of swelling! I did most of that last summer, but when I finally got outside in August in the heat for only one day, my feet swelled and never really went down until Liam was about 1 month old. (Thankfully, it was a mild fall so I could wear my big Doc Marten sandals ALL THE TIME since those were the only shoes that fit!)

Julia :)

Momma Mia said...

Not that we are pushing for #2, but who wants to bet the next baby will be a winter pregnancy?!

Momma Mia