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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Whoa Nelly! What a Week!

We just got back from dropping Kristen and the boys off at the airport. It is oddly quiet and a huge wave of tiredness just came over us. We had a fantastic week together though. We filled our time at the Denver Zoo, the pool, Water World (the ultimate favorite) and 16th Street Mall. Chris and I were so impressed how well the boys did being away from Rose and Dad for an entire week. Not once did either one throw an "I want Mom" fit. We took a ton of pictures to document the trip. I don't have any with me or Chris in them, but they are on their way soon when my sister sends them. :) Enjoy what we have so far!

Kristen and Q at the zoo.

Q and Walker sitting on the break wall of the tidal wave pool at Water World..this particular pool provided hours of fun!!

Pool Party for the penguins at the zoo! We watched them for nearly 20 minutes because they were so hilarious.

This ape was very curious about Walker.

Unfortunately, I was too far along to be able to go on any of the rides at Water World. Kristen, braved the lines and carried the tubes so that they could go on this big one. :)

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