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Monday, July 10, 2006

Projects , Projects Everywhere!

With 17 1/2 weeks and counting until the little one arrives, we have been gotten down to business with projects around the house. The first task: the garage work bench.

We are fortunate to have a garage (not so standard in Denver). And what garage would be complete without a workbench? As soon as we decided to buy our place, I started putting money away to surprise Chris on our anniversary with the supplies to build his very own workbench. He had already designed his dreambench, so I had the easy part of just getting the gift card to Home Depot. :) Needless to say, his design turned out beautifully and made for an excellent organizational addition to our garage.

Project #2: Shelving in Baby's Room
As you have probably seen, we have to be creative with our storage space here. Our closets, while a good size, needed some work to make them optimum storage containers. Yet again, my engineer of a husband went hard to work at designing a way to create more storage for the abundance of baby items we have accumulated in the last few months. He came up with a great design and off to Home Depot we went again! We found all the materials we needed and had the shelving in the closet cut, sanded, painted, and put up by the end of the day!

Project #3: The Nursery
While the whole of this project is yet to get underway, we definintely have our ideas in place of what this room will look like. On the list, paint, wayne's coating, chair railing and assembly of rocker and crib. This project is on hold, however, until our last group of summer visitors comes this week. My sister and two younger brothers (22, 10, and 4) will be here until Saturday! We are so excited and can't wait to spend time together. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures to post from their visit here.

Until then, here are some of the pictures from our two complete projects!

Chris, hard at work!

Workbench finished and ready for tools and storage!

Jack, a little confused about his new role in the family.

Shelving in the closet of the baby's room. Almost there!

Finished and ready for storage.


Anonymous said...

Oh, such talent!
How proud you should be of your work.
Create, create.


Mom said...

Chris is an awesome carpenter and builder! What a man of many talents----This looks really neat.
Enjoy your time with your sibs, and make some rice in my honor, okay?
Love you lots,