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Monday, July 03, 2006

My Little Gold Medalist

About two weeks ago, I felt the first inkling of our little one's movement with fluttering and Mexican jumping bean-style sensations in my stomach. Just the other morning however, Chris and I got a huge surprise as we actually felt these kicks and punches on the OUTSIDE of my skin. It was the most incredible moment to share together and we celebrated by calling our families.

Since then, Baby D has apprently decided to take up aquatic gymnastics as an occupation- tossing, turning, punching, kicking, flipping and maybe even the pummel horse. These olympic events seem to be taking place as soon as I wake up, sit down, drive, watch tv, read, and lie down for bed. While I do enjoy the movements and giggle as I feel an elbow or foot, I can't help but wonder where this kid thinks s/he is going? I mean, really, there isn't a whole lot of a room in there.

I thought the sonogram brought to reality that there is a REAL baby inside of me...this definitely takes the cake!

Have a great 4th!


Julia Reynolds :) said...

Meg and Chris -

Enjoy it now, since when Baby D gets bigger, he/she may be kicking the heck out of your ribs! (Chris - just keep her comfy!) Liam is 8 months old and I am still sore! Yet, every time I see him kick his legs now, I laugh and miss those movements.

Julia :)

LKDizzle said...

omg it's real and really happening. sometimes I still don't believe it. congrats

Anonymous said...

thanks for the call...that you felt the high kicker......
we love keeping up with the latest ....