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Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 52: Story Time

We absolutely LOVE our neighbors in Aspen. From the moment we arrived they have been extremely generous and kind. (I especially appreciate how kind and supportive they have been of Chris during the week while our family is apart!) One of our favorite things about Lisa and Joel is their ability to tell stories. These two have traveled around the world and back again and listening to them recount their adventures makes you feel as if you are right along on the journey with them.

Tonight, Joel came over to catch up and meet Chris's parents. We had a lovely evening as they got to know our French neighbor and I loved watching their expressions as he told his story of how he ended up in the United States.

An evening of wine, friendship and wonderful adventures...for this, I am thankful! :)

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Mary said...

So much fun. What a character Joel is!