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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 11: "At Sixteen Years..."

Dressed in plaid in the spring of 1997, I sang:
At sixteen years I was oh, so sad.
Then Father said I should find a lad.
So I set out to become a wife
And find the REAL LOVE OF MY LIFE!

Do you know the show this song is from? This show changed my life. Or, should I say, where my life began...
I believe in love. I believe in friendship. I believe that one cannot exist without the other. I have a husband who believes this too. And today, I am thankful for this!

When Chris and I started dating 14 years ago (TODAY!), I never could have imagined the life we would create together. More importantly, I never could have imagined the love that we would cultivate with each other and for each other. When I stop to think about it, it's all pretty amazing.

Chris is creative, thoughtful, kind, goofy, intense, smart, spontaneous and dedicated when it comes to love. I adore this about him. He just gets it...and thus, he gets me. He is careful to balance this aspect of our relationship with that of our friendship. It makes us a better couple all around.

Here's to 14 years of happiness, laughter, love and a lifetime yet to come!

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Chris said...

I know the answer...I still think I had a slight edge on the debate of who looked better in plaid. You look so good all the time so me in the kilt had some wow factor. Seriously, I was a stud. Thanks for the best 14yrs of my life, two great kids, and for being there for me through good and bad. 143