Meg's (Ad)Ventures

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 8: Not Forgotten

This week, Student Government has had carnation grams and candy grams for sale to be delivered on Valentine's Day. Remember those days? Heart beating faster as the delivery came into your classroom...were you going to get one?

As the adviser, I often worry about the kids who are the quiet ones, not so popular, awkward or shy. I never want any one of my students to feel as if they have been left out, forgotten. Thus, I work really hard with the kids in SG to be all-inclusive and to spread that mentality throughout the school. Not being in the classroom, however, it's difficult to know if the kids are really modeling this. But yesterday, I witnessed something pretty amazing...

I watched as two of the most popular girls in the entire school came and purchased 6 different candy grams to send anonymously to some of our most shy, and often overlooked students. Their notes simply read, "Thank you for being kind. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!"

Today, I am thankful for having the opportunity to witness an incredible act of kindness by two students. It was a wonderful reminder to not lose faith in our youth.

And now, off to purchase over 400 carnations!


southern daze said...

This makes my heart happy!

Hal Jordan said...

I've seen these pop up on FB and finally got a chance to read. Thanks for making me cry, in a good way, and realize that there are things to appreciate, everywhere and every day, despite the shadows.

Today (and most every other day), I'm thankful for you, your friendship and the times I get to spend with you, in person or just in cyberspace. Thanks for being there for me. <3

Stephanie "keckie" said...

Way yo go, Meg!! That makes me smile!!