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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Day 303: Three Suns and Changing Winds

Chris and Sofia decided to play a little game during this holiday season that would be just between the two of them and could last until Christmas. It's essentially a convoluted form of hide and seek....but with two nutcracker ornaments. Each night, one hides the two ornaments around the house and the other has to locate them the next day.

Tonight, while Sofia was on her quest, we laughed so hard! She is such a little stinker in ability to weasel out the hidden treasure locations from Chris. At the same time, she's super smart! Chris's hint to her was you will find the nutcracker near the three suns and the changing winds. 

Seriously? Even I was confused. But, Sofia was not! She looked right up toward our light fixture (with 3 lights on it!) and found the ornament hanging from the center! She has yet to find the other ornament sitting on top of the ceiling fan in the living room, but she'll get there.

I love that Chris and Sofia are playing this little game. It's fun to watch them interact and it's awesome to see her little brain try to problem solve Chris's wild riddles. It's going to be a fun three weeks! And for this, I am thankful.

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