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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 316: In and Out

We were up much of the night with Sofia. After a few days of saying her ears were bothering her, infection officially set in and an ear ache was in full force. Thus, we piled into the car this morning and headed over to Kaiser's after hours urgent care. I was dreading this visit. I've never had a quick visit or a remotely pleasant experience on weekend visits.

But today was different. 

We arrived to find no line at reception, a relatively empty waiting room and a nursing staff that was smiley and super kind to Sofia. We were back in the exam room within 10 minutes and back out with a prescription 10 minutes after that! Sofia was brave and articulate and we were super proud of how well she handled herself. She practically did all of the talking to the doctor herself! 

There is much to be thankful for today; medication to aid in quick healing, a daughter who knows her health and a super fast visit to urgent care that allowed us to still make it down to Highlands Ranch to spend the afternoon with Matt, Stacey and the girls. 

We're two doses of amoxicillin in. Please keep your fingers crossed for a good night's sleep...for us all!

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