Meg's (Ad)Ventures

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Day 361: Friends with Benefits

Each day my children get dressed, bundle up and head off on their merry way thanks to the help of many wonderful friends. No, it's just me who follows the kids out the door, but it is our loving friends who have passed on countless items of clothing to them. These kids are set! Shoes, boots, jackets, pants, name it, friends have passed it along. Sometimes it simply stops me in my tracks. We are SO lucky to be involved with a network of people who care so deeply about our children. Plus, it's fun to pass our own items along to others in return. 

Back when I was in high school and college, my girl friends and I would hold "benefits". We'd gather at someone's house with items of clothing we were tired of and trade. Instant shopping spree free of cost! While I don't typically do this type of "benefiting" anymore, it's really cool to see how it's all evolved based on the needs and stations of our lives. 

It's all become a big cycle. We all benefit. :) And for this, I am thankful.


Kate D said...

I miss benefits!

Meg Daniel said...

Me too! I thought of you the other day when I wore the long, brown skirt with flowers on it from Express that you gave me back in HIGH SCHOOL! It is still SO beautiful and I love wearing it!! It makes me think of you every time. :)