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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Melting Ice Core

I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed at work today. It was one of those days where there just wasn't a minute to slow down. I felt like I was thinking in 12 directions at the same time...and it showed.

Tomorrow, I'll be doing an ice core experiment with students to help them understand how climate has changed throughout Earth's history. It's a really cool lab and I'm super excited to do it with the kids.

So excited that I forgot to bring my sample home to finish adding the layers tonight. I realized tonight while sitting in church that I'd left my sample mixtures sitting on the window ledge right outside my classroom door.

Ah well. No layered ice core to demo. I'm just thankful that I've got a great lesson for the kids to do and a cool way for them to understand climate change over time. Let's hope it works!


Sherri D. said...

Oh...I can so relate. But you're right...they'll think it's cool anyway. Only we know how great it could be!

Anonymous said...

Well now that you have shared with us about all of this demo I can't wait for you to let us know how it actually turned out. As to your day being overwhelming, you just hang in there. "Momma said there would be days like this, my momma said, my momma said......" Sorry I could not find any musical notes to add to this, but you get it anyway. Love you.
Aunt Connie