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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

Tonight was the last class of the semester with my secondary methods students at Aquinas. I can't believe it's already done! This was such a special that I feel excited to send out into classrooms because they really do have what it takes to change the world.

For our last class, we focused on happiness, resilience, and success...not just in the classroom but as young, growing teachers. It was my hope that they would leave feeling confident, strong, resourceful, and just a little bit wiser to the world of education prior to their student teaching. 

Most importantly, I hope that these soon to be teachers saw that this course couldn't have happened on its own. With a co-teacher, this course was a gazillion times what it could have been had I done it on my own. Tom and I worked hard to make sure that our students saw that collaboration was key to a successful classroom. 

It was a great that I learned a ton myself! Here's to smiling faces, hand shakes, and "can I still email you?" closing moments. 

Once a teacher, always a teacher. And for this, I am thankful. 

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