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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Colorado Crush

Last night was our first Colorado Crush Arena Football game. Two people from my work that are dating invited us to the game and then to show around downtown. It was nice getting to know two people from work. This was the last home game before the playoffs and was fan appreciation day with tickets being sold as buy one get one free! So of course cheap-o here couldn't pass up this offer and a chance to scope out John Elway's private box. The game was excecllent as the Crush kicked a field goal with seconds left to win the game. The last play of the first half, the kicker shanked a close field goal so the feeling throughout the stadium was intense. After the game, my arm was twisted into taking Meg to the ESPNZone for some over priced drinks and arcade games. I instantly regressed a few years while the four of us ran from game to game around the younger crowd. I even let Meg win a few.

Sunday we were given free tickets to the Colorado Rockies Baseball game as a meet and greet promotion through our apartment. They won on 18-3 fluke on Friday night against the same team they will play on Sunday. The team is playing worse than the Tigers of recent but the stadium is one of the nicest in the league.

My new job is going well as I soak in the new systems and observe the interactions of the staff. Maybe the new guy is good luck as MYC was the low bidder on three out of four large projcets we bid this week. The buzz in the office is really positive as we have been getting many quality jobs and have to turn some away to maintain providing quality work. This is the same feeling that was surrounding Wolverine Building Group when I left so it is nice to have that familiarity. In a few weeks I will be moving out to the field to work as the field engineer with a superintendant that I hear is awsome to work for.

Well its time to do some more exploring downtown as Meg and I like to do on the weekends. We are making an effort to walk as our main means of transportation downtown to take full advantage of our location. I miss you all and enjoy reading your responces so KEEP THEM COMING! And if you haven't yet posted one, you better soon! Take care and always remember, Go Broncos!

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Anonymous said...

Dad and I really enjoyed the detailed description of your first day at work. So far, so good!