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Friday, May 13, 2005

A Proud Daughter!!

Any of you who have ever heard my mom speak, know that she is a very articulate woman. However, my mom's gifts aren't just limited to the spoken word. Last week, Mom sent me a copy of an essay she had written about the state of education in Michigan and my jaw dropped. Her essay literally brought tears to my eyes as I heard a voice filled with compassion, anger and drive ring through loud and clear. It was powerful and very clear -

Change needs to take place - NOW.

She sent me this essay to let me know she had submitted it to the Grand Rapids Press to be hopefully be chosen for the "Perspectives" section, which is printed every Sunday. "Perspectives" is a unique section of the paper that lets area residents share their thoughts in a unique essay format, almost like an editorial. Mom just got word today that her essay has been chosen! The Press will be taking pictures and interviewing her to provide a supplement article on her piece!


The information about schools across Michigan is VERY important and word needs to be spread about the staggering statistics in funding inequities amoung districts. If you don't get The Press, try and find someone who does so that you may read this. Even Oprah would be shocked at the statistics! :) Needless to say, I'm proud of you Mom and I can't wait to read it with ink all over my fingers! Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I read your mom's essay today and it made tears come to my eyes since Michigan has lost such a wonderful teacher in Meghan. Yet, Colorado is so lucky! I hope Debbie's essay opens the eyes (and hearts) of those who read it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's from me - Julia Reynolds. :)