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Monday, May 16, 2005

Time Flies

It is hard to believe that a week of new jobs and activities has already come and gone! I can't even believe that we have been here for almost two weeks! It seems like just yesterday that I was giving my biology students a lesson on how species adapt and now I am exploring the city life and setting up my new career. Strange how life can twist and turn so quickly.

This weekend was JAM-PACKED to the core. Friday, as Chris wrote, we went to the Colorado Crush game and the ESPNZone. It was nice to get out and meet some of the people he works with at his new job. I sometimes forget that Colorado is still considered a somewhat-southern state and it DEFINITELY shows in the hospitality and friendliness of the people here. All the people we have met either through work or at our apartment community have been incredibly welcoming and willing to help us with anything we need. It is a really nice feeling. I honestly think that if I got stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire that ten people would stop to help as opposed to being passed by and honked at for holding up traffic back in certain parts of MI. It is truly a different way of life here. Must be the altitude. ;)

On Saturday, Chris and I spent the day sifting through the remainder of boxes left over from the move. We organized, hung stuff, reorganized, hung some more stuff, and then organized some more - all in our pajamas! It was lots of fun and very fulfilling to have our place completely unpacked and settled in. We ended the day with a late night trip to Super Target (yes, I said SUPER! Target - all your favs AND food!) and a Slupree run to 7-11. Awesome. My coffee shop lets me rent movies for free from them, so we rented "Mona Lisa Smile". I was shocked at how good it was! It made me miss my girlfriends though...

Shortly after I woke up this morning, I heard Chris say, "Back in a few!" and the door closed behind him. I knew that he was probably disappearing to stock up on goods to make something super tasty in the kitchen. I was right! Strawberry-vanilla pancakes!! Homemade!! Do I have the best husband or what!?!?! On top of that, he brought me a rose to wish me luck this week as I prepare for my big PLACE exam on Saturday (the exam I will be taking to get my Colorado Teaching Certification). He is the absolute sweetest!

As we finished eating, there was a knock at our door - Nicole, our neighbor - one of the first people I met in Denver, totally spunky, great sense of humor, thinks poo is funny and wants to help us get to know people in the neighborhood. Instant friend. She wanted to know if Chris and I had plans for the day. We did - the Rockies baseball game. Turns out, she and a group of friends were going as well and wanted to invite us to grab a bite to eat and hang out during the game in "The Rockpile" (code word for nosebleed section of the stadium). We accepted and had a fabulous afternoon sitting in the sun, getting to know new faces, and enjoying the baseball game. (FYI - the Rockies lost, big surprise)

So, as you can see, it's been a busy weekend. Denver has so much to offer and we haven't even scratched the surface! We got a magazine in the mail just this weekend about all the stuff one can do during the summer months not only in the city but in the mountains as well. How will we ever decide? I definitely feel a camping trip coming on! S'mores anyone? mmm...

Off to study some physics and laws of dynamics. boo

Love to all

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