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Friday, May 27, 2005

A Quickie...

Hi All.

Just a short post today. Quick! Someone take my temperature!! Mom and Brian are coming to visit and I have a ton to do to finish getting ready for their arrival. The weather has finally cooled down a bit to a normal CO springtime temp, so we have been able to enjoy our windows open and the fresh mountain breeze all week. I love it! There all kinds of flowers blooming on the trees and bushes on our street and the smell is absolutely divine! I don't know if there is anything better to wake up to in the mornings!

I can hardly believe that it is Friday already! This week went by so fast and was jam-packed. I am tired. I am really looking forward to Mom and Brian being here for a few days - I am in need of some familiarity. Every day is filled with something new as we explore and meet new people. While we both love every minute of it all, I guess that I am just missing home a bit. It has been hard to not be able to use my phone and just call people whenever and get my dose of friends and family. So, it will be nice to have lots of hugs and coffee with Mom like we used to.

This weekend we are heading up to a winery near Boulder, doing some shopping, and a lot of hangin' out. Should be fun! I probably won't get a chance to post until Monday after I drop my parents off at the airport. I wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday weekend!

MD Out.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sky Vista Here I Come!!!!!

Last night, 26 people sat in amazment and wonder in a room where laughter, smiles, and ease were omnipresent. It was the first time that the new staff for Sky Vista was called together to meet and let me tell you - IT WAS INCREDIBLE! This has got to be the most talented group of educators I may have ever encountered and I feel so humbled to be a part of it. The night began with mingling and quiet introductions. Soon after, we were to find the members of our team (there are 4 teachers per team at Sky VIsta) and do the typical get-to-know-you activities. There is only one eighth grade team and so instead of just standing around and talking, we slipped into a side room of the clubhouse and played a couple games of 8 and 9-ball pool! We laughed hysterically but all instantly connected. When our principal walked in, he almost dropped his drink he was laughing so hard. He barely managed to get out, "I wouldn't have expected anything less from this group!" in between laughs. Carrie, the math teacher and department head, LeeAnn, the Language Arts teacher, and Dan, the social studies teacher and department head and I are a PERFECT fit for one another. Simply amazing!

After our team activities were done, the entire staff gathered for a once-around of introductions (name and subject teaching). There had been some comments about the adult beverages provided for the party so I knew just what to say when it was my turn: "Hi, my name is Meghan Daniel and I will be teaching 8th grade science. P.S. I bartended my way through college. So, next party, I'm your woman!" I got instant cheers from the staff which followed for requests for "another round" for the rest of the evening in humor.

When it came down getting to business, everyone instantly got serious. We were all there because we love kids, believe in kids and know that every child deserves the very best education every day. We have a lot of amazing things planned for just this summer to prepare us for the school year - one being Advanced Placement training for the entire staff. Their goal, every middle school student should be able to exit middle school and be able to not only walk into an AP classroom and do well, but also KICK BUTT! Because every classroom is designed to be a gifted and talented classroom, this training is very important. You will never guess what I am getting trained in - PHYSICS! I started laughing when I saw it. I also found out last night that I will be responsible for teaching sex education. Cue the laugh again. I never thought in a million years that I would end up being the "sex ed teacher". Such is life...

Oh no! I have to be to work in 3 minutes! Good thing I life right across the street!!! More tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Only In Denver

A first for this Michigander today:

While cleaning up the apartment, I heard a rather strange sound outside. So, I went over to the window to take a look. As I looked outside, I wasn't suprised to see a bright sunny sky but I WAS suprised to see that golfball-sized hail coming down at the same time! Clear blue sky was directly over the city, but the hail was being carried from the dark grey clouds surrounding us. It only lasted for a few moments, but I'm sure glad my car was parked in the garage!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Where Have the Days Gone?

Hi Friends!

Saturday morning began bright and early with my PLACE exam in Arvada, CO. Arvada is in the foothills and I felt as if I could almost touch God as the sun peeked over the mountains and spread its rays across my face. My exam was held at Arvada West High School, which was instantly a much better atmosphere for me than the stark, white classrooms at Calvin College. Within 5 minutes of the exam, I knew I would do well. The 100-question test took me 2 hours flat. I find out in 2 weeks how I did. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts!!!!

When I got back, Chris and I had a fantastic rest of the day! As I have mentioned before, we have met some really amazing people in our apartment community. The pool (well, really pool-SIDE) is open now and IT IS THE PLACE TO BE! :) We spent the afternoon laying in the sun, sipping margaritas, and laughing our heads off. A bunch of us pooled some food and beverages together and ended the day with a barbeque in one of the 8 courtyards in our complex.

Chris here. The biggest hit of the grill was the asparagus recipe I modified from a restaurant in Cherry Creek. The recipe calls for 4-5 thin asparagus and robiola cheese wrapped in prosciutto ham. I substituted Parmesan cheese which is similar to the dry, sharp, Italian robiola cheese. Everyone was really hungry and a separate trip to a specialty store would have been too much. I was afraid of it all coming unwrapped on the grill, so I wrappped a piece of string around it a few times. Remember to wet the string (I had to use hemp necklace string from my hippie college days) so it doesn't stick as much and doesn't burn. Grill it on medium-high until the prosciutto is done, and then bon appetite!

What could make this day any better? We didn't think anything! Until..."Anyone up for a game of Trivial Pursuit?" The game took us late into the night and proved to us all just how much WE DON'T KNOW about 90's current events. But in the end, the two males beat the three women. They claimed that now the world was right - sad.

Sunday brought an early morning of work at Fluid and a very sun-worn Meghan. Someone said to me on our first sunny day in here, "You think you know the sun until you spend at day in the sun in Denver!" Boy, was she ever right. The sun is incredibly intense and it wears you out like crazy. Chris and I literally felt like we had run a marathon and had pretty much just laid on chairs all day!

After work, Chris and I headed down to Cherry Creek, an area of Denver that has a feel of a small town, has TONS of unique shops and is a really fun place to walk around. We went to Cherry Creek to meet up with an old friend of mine who I have known since about the 5th grade! Andrea Reick (yes, the "e" comes before the "I") and I met when I lived in Northview, ended up living in the same dorm at Michigan State, and now, our paths have crossed yet again here in Denver. The funny thing is, none of our "path crossing" was ever planned! We have always kept updated on one another's lives through her mom and my aunt who teach together, but, like I said, never planned to end up in the same city when we were grown. Life is funny that way. Anyway, I am very excited to have someone here who I have known for so long and it felt like we hadn't skipped a beat when we chatted at Peet's Coffee.

Andrea and I are really excited to start working on a little project that I have been thinking about for a jingles! Yes, get your jollies out and laugh your heads off. I know. Radio jingles. Here's the thing though, Andrea works for an advertising agent here in Denver and they need people to do voice overs and sing for ads! I have been trying to think of creative ways to make some extra cash this summer and thought about radio. Andrea got so excited when I asked her for guidance on the idea and how I would go about ACTUALLY doing it. She said she would take care of talking to some people at the recording studio she does work with and we'd take it from there! Fun stuff! I can't wait - and the money won't hurt either! :)

This week brings lots of work at Fluid, spending time with my hubby and my mom and step-dad coming to visit on the weekend. Yay! Chris and I are really excited to show them around the city and some of our favorite new spots. I will keep you all posted throughout the week!

P.S. Denver hit record high's this past weekend - 98 degrees on Saturday!! Hot!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Mountain View

Mountain ViewWhile driving around today running errands, I was taken aback at the beauty of the Rockies and wanted to share it with you all. It got up to 94 degrees today - HOT! - I am still getting used to this desert heat. It is odd to have it be so hot without any humidity.

Enjoy the view!

Mountain View 2

Mountain View 2

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Science Fact of the Day

Do you know where the actual phrase "Once in a Blue Moon" came from? I do! If you take a look at your calendars, you will notice that at almost the beginning of each month, there is a full moon. This works out pretty well because the lunar cycle (the cycle of the moon) is about 29.5 days, just a few days shy of the traditional calendar. The actual term "Blue Moon" refers to the rare occurance of a full moon appearing for a second time in one month. Due to the length of the lunar cycle, a Blue Moon occurs approximately once every 2.7 years.

There ya go. You should all be suffiiently dosed with useless scientific trivia for a while. Lata!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Deep Thoughts (or nothing like it)

As I sit in Fluid this morning enjoying my vanilla latte and Everything bagel, I can't help but be distracted by...everything! (I bet you thought I was going to say something profound.) I came down to Fluid so that I could do some studying while I got a caffeine jolt before meeting Chris on his lunch hour today to run errands. Let's just say that the fact that I am writing right now is an indication of how well my studying is going. And so, here are some of the thoughts that are keeping my mind busy beyond the world of science...

(1) Did you know that Denver has more pets per capita than any other city in the country? Yes, it does! Everywhere you look, there is a dog that suspiciously looks like its owner, a shop that sells the latest in dog/owner apparel, and just in case you forgot, doggie bag dispensers to take care of that oh so pleasant, doggie business. It is really quite funny to see just how serious people are about their dogs here and how much they are included in daily activities. There was even a doggie/owner half marathon a few weeks ago! The scary thing is, the dog phenomenon is totally contagious and I literally beg Chris for a dog almost every day. Something has seriously gotten to me! (Blame it on the altitude, Meghan. Blame it on the altitude.)

(2) While showering and getting ready this morning, I listened to a local radio station. At one point, they stopped the morning gab to do a traffic report. I have been trying to pay attention to the traffic reports as I have a 30 minute commute to my new school. I realized as they were giving the report that I don't think I will ever get stressed out as I drive. Here in Denver, most of the streets are named after places and people. "Florida and Santa Fe are running smoothly this morning." Close your eyes and you are there! Good thinking on the part of the city planners who named the streets!

(3) I talked with my new principal yesterday and had a great conversation about the upcoming school year. I really feel like he is going to be an incredible mentor as I begin my career as a teacher. We have talked several times since I was hired and each time Dr. Poole gets more and more excited about his staff as the hiring processes comes to a close. He informed me yesterday that outside of the Cadre (department heads) no one on the staff has more than 5 years experience. "This is the most talented and brilliant group of individuals I have ever met." he said to me as we talked. I am so excited!! To add to that, Dr. Poole also told me that there is at least one person from every major college in Michigan! It is such a nice feeling knowing that there will already be a common ground between so many of us on staff. I will be on a team with two department heads and another young teacher who has been teaching about 4 years, so I feel very honored to have been matched with such an experienced group. On top of the mentors on my own team, I will also be assigned a mentor who I will get to meet with on a weekly basis to talk about anything on my mind. I get to meet everyone next week on the 25th and I can't wait!! Oh geeze, what to wear?

(4) Last and final thought. I am really stressed about this test on Saturday because a lot is riding on it. The test covers a much broader spectrum of science than what I had to do in Michigan, thus, the frantic review of all my college science courses. I have been using a study guide which has helped a lot. Nonetheless, I cannot shake the anxiety of the situation. If you remember, please pray for clear thought and a calm mind on Saturday morning as I enter my test at 7:30 a.m. (that's 9:30 a.m. for you Michiganders). I would really appreciate it.

Alright, my bagel is gone, my coffee is almost finished, and just in time, because I have run out of things to say. I guess that means it's back to the books! Have a most excellent day!

P.S. Check out the website for Fluid Coffee Bar! It's awesome!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Time Flies

It is hard to believe that a week of new jobs and activities has already come and gone! I can't even believe that we have been here for almost two weeks! It seems like just yesterday that I was giving my biology students a lesson on how species adapt and now I am exploring the city life and setting up my new career. Strange how life can twist and turn so quickly.

This weekend was JAM-PACKED to the core. Friday, as Chris wrote, we went to the Colorado Crush game and the ESPNZone. It was nice to get out and meet some of the people he works with at his new job. I sometimes forget that Colorado is still considered a somewhat-southern state and it DEFINITELY shows in the hospitality and friendliness of the people here. All the people we have met either through work or at our apartment community have been incredibly welcoming and willing to help us with anything we need. It is a really nice feeling. I honestly think that if I got stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire that ten people would stop to help as opposed to being passed by and honked at for holding up traffic back in certain parts of MI. It is truly a different way of life here. Must be the altitude. ;)

On Saturday, Chris and I spent the day sifting through the remainder of boxes left over from the move. We organized, hung stuff, reorganized, hung some more stuff, and then organized some more - all in our pajamas! It was lots of fun and very fulfilling to have our place completely unpacked and settled in. We ended the day with a late night trip to Super Target (yes, I said SUPER! Target - all your favs AND food!) and a Slupree run to 7-11. Awesome. My coffee shop lets me rent movies for free from them, so we rented "Mona Lisa Smile". I was shocked at how good it was! It made me miss my girlfriends though...

Shortly after I woke up this morning, I heard Chris say, "Back in a few!" and the door closed behind him. I knew that he was probably disappearing to stock up on goods to make something super tasty in the kitchen. I was right! Strawberry-vanilla pancakes!! Homemade!! Do I have the best husband or what!?!?! On top of that, he brought me a rose to wish me luck this week as I prepare for my big PLACE exam on Saturday (the exam I will be taking to get my Colorado Teaching Certification). He is the absolute sweetest!

As we finished eating, there was a knock at our door - Nicole, our neighbor - one of the first people I met in Denver, totally spunky, great sense of humor, thinks poo is funny and wants to help us get to know people in the neighborhood. Instant friend. She wanted to know if Chris and I had plans for the day. We did - the Rockies baseball game. Turns out, she and a group of friends were going as well and wanted to invite us to grab a bite to eat and hang out during the game in "The Rockpile" (code word for nosebleed section of the stadium). We accepted and had a fabulous afternoon sitting in the sun, getting to know new faces, and enjoying the baseball game. (FYI - the Rockies lost, big surprise)

So, as you can see, it's been a busy weekend. Denver has so much to offer and we haven't even scratched the surface! We got a magazine in the mail just this weekend about all the stuff one can do during the summer months not only in the city but in the mountains as well. How will we ever decide? I definitely feel a camping trip coming on! S'mores anyone? mmm...

Off to study some physics and laws of dynamics. boo

Love to all

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Check Out Mom's Article!

Hey All!

Mom's article was published in today's Grand Rapids Press. Here is the web address to read her essay, "Funding Inequities Hurt Opportunities". You'll have to copy and paste the link, but here it is...

The article is posted through, so it doesn't show her picture or any of the other stuff that I'm sure is in the actual paper. Regardless, her words are worth reading!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Sunday!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Colorado Crush

Last night was our first Colorado Crush Arena Football game. Two people from my work that are dating invited us to the game and then to show around downtown. It was nice getting to know two people from work. This was the last home game before the playoffs and was fan appreciation day with tickets being sold as buy one get one free! So of course cheap-o here couldn't pass up this offer and a chance to scope out John Elway's private box. The game was excecllent as the Crush kicked a field goal with seconds left to win the game. The last play of the first half, the kicker shanked a close field goal so the feeling throughout the stadium was intense. After the game, my arm was twisted into taking Meg to the ESPNZone for some over priced drinks and arcade games. I instantly regressed a few years while the four of us ran from game to game around the younger crowd. I even let Meg win a few.

Sunday we were given free tickets to the Colorado Rockies Baseball game as a meet and greet promotion through our apartment. They won on 18-3 fluke on Friday night against the same team they will play on Sunday. The team is playing worse than the Tigers of recent but the stadium is one of the nicest in the league.

My new job is going well as I soak in the new systems and observe the interactions of the staff. Maybe the new guy is good luck as MYC was the low bidder on three out of four large projcets we bid this week. The buzz in the office is really positive as we have been getting many quality jobs and have to turn some away to maintain providing quality work. This is the same feeling that was surrounding Wolverine Building Group when I left so it is nice to have that familiarity. In a few weeks I will be moving out to the field to work as the field engineer with a superintendant that I hear is awsome to work for.

Well its time to do some more exploring downtown as Meg and I like to do on the weekends. We are making an effort to walk as our main means of transportation downtown to take full advantage of our location. I miss you all and enjoy reading your responces so KEEP THEM COMING! And if you haven't yet posted one, you better soon! Take care and always remember, Go Broncos!

Friday, May 13, 2005

A Proud Daughter!!

Any of you who have ever heard my mom speak, know that she is a very articulate woman. However, my mom's gifts aren't just limited to the spoken word. Last week, Mom sent me a copy of an essay she had written about the state of education in Michigan and my jaw dropped. Her essay literally brought tears to my eyes as I heard a voice filled with compassion, anger and drive ring through loud and clear. It was powerful and very clear -

Change needs to take place - NOW.

She sent me this essay to let me know she had submitted it to the Grand Rapids Press to be hopefully be chosen for the "Perspectives" section, which is printed every Sunday. "Perspectives" is a unique section of the paper that lets area residents share their thoughts in a unique essay format, almost like an editorial. Mom just got word today that her essay has been chosen! The Press will be taking pictures and interviewing her to provide a supplement article on her piece!


The information about schools across Michigan is VERY important and word needs to be spread about the staggering statistics in funding inequities amoung districts. If you don't get The Press, try and find someone who does so that you may read this. Even Oprah would be shocked at the statistics! :) Needless to say, I'm proud of you Mom and I can't wait to read it with ink all over my fingers! Love ya!

Officially A Barista!

Well, it is 1:33 a.m. here in good ole Denver - can't sleep. I started my new job tonight and I think I tasted too many kinds of coffee - that or I inhaled too many espresso grinds as I was cleaning the "It really does do everything AND make coffee!" machine. This glorious machine, which they call an espresso maker, makes creating those gormet drinks everyone is so addicted to a piece of cake. "Would you like one shot or two of espresso?" is the common question. "Soy, nonfat, whole, or 2% milk?" One also has their choice of flavored syrups in both regular and the no carb/no sugar variety. "Okay then, let me just press a button, swirl some milk, squirt some flavor and I think we are on our way!" My goodness! Has a cup of joe ever been so complicated? I think not!

Luckily, I happen to work for an amazing boss. Jeff is the most laid back and genuinely kind boss I think I have EVER worked under. He has really set up a great shop in Fluid and has something that I think will really take off. He and his wife have the most beautiful 4 month old daughter I think I have ever seen and her pictures plastered up all over near the register make me smile like you wouldn't believe and really make me miss my two younger brothers, Quinten and Walker.

It is hard to believe that Chris will be finishing up his first week already with Mark Young Construction. They have kept him in the office all week working on bids and learning the company. I know he is just itching to get out into the field where the sun is shining and the dirt is flying! Everyday he comes home with his snazzy new laptop and blueprints and it hits me just how much we have both grown up. When did we really become a Mr. and Mrs.? Whoa. Chris is so good at what he does and I truly admire his unwavering dedication and work ethic. He is an excellent role model for any young person - or seasoned person, for that matter - entering the job market.

I got my first official letter from Sky Vista inviting me to the inaugural all-staff get-together. I am really excited to meet the rest of the staff members and get to know those whom I will be working with. From the sounds of it, they can get pretty roudy - deathmatch ping-pong anyone? Should be fun. :) I was also informed of when I get to do my AP Biology training. I am sooooooo excited about that. Official nerdome here I come!!!

I really appreciate those of you who are commenting on the blog. It is such a nice way to hear from you and find out what is going on in your lives. Keep writing so we can keep in touch!!! :) For those of you who may not have gotten our new address here in Denver, here it is:

Chris and Meghan Daniel
1955 Pennsylvania St. #4128
Denver, CO 80203

You can also email us at or (I'm sure you can guess which address belongs to which person.) We don't have a new phone number yet, but will soon.

Well, Jack is zonked out with all 4 paws in the air, Chris hasn't moved in hours and I'm sure none of you are awake either. Time for me to give that sleeping thing a try.

Sweet dreams to you all!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

They're Here!

Yay! I finally got the picture-posting dilemma solved. I have had so much fun putting them up for everyone to see today. :) We love our new area and hope to have many of you come out here to enjoy it as much as we do! Visitors welcome anytime!!!

Have an excellent day!


Originally uploaded by Tooters.
Chris and Kristen hanging out at The Celtic. It was a great way to celebrate the new city and having some special time with my sister. We had so much fun having her here!


Originally uploaded by Tooters.
Okay, so we really look like sisters? I think so! Kristen and I relaxing at The Celtic, an Irish Pub.

The Scenery

Originally uploaded by Tooters.
Okay, so you have to ignore the stupid light post, but this is what we get to look at EVERYDAY! I can't tell you how breathtaking the mountains are out here...they really are purple!

Living Room

Originally uploaded by Tooters.
Standing up in the loft, this is an ariel view of our living room. It is really comfy and we LOVE the fireplace!! Of course, we haven't USED it yet, but it still looks cool. :) Our other new fav is our dining room table that we got as a steal at IKEA when we visited Kate and Zach in Chicago recently.

The Loft

Originally uploaded by Tooters.
So this is the loft, where we have set up all our office stuff. It is a great place to go to relax with a good book. :)

Our Neighborhood

Originally uploaded by Tooters.
This is what most of our neighborhood looks like - lots of little shops and restaurants. The shop on the corner with the blue windows is Fluid Coffee Bar where I will be working this summer.

Coors Field

Originally uploaded by mege18.
Yup! That's Coors Field where the Denver Rockies play. They aren't that great of a team, but hey, at least the stadium is pretty and is just a few blocks from our place. We were on the rooftop for this pic. The mountains are in the background, but it was kind of a hazy day.

16th Street Mall

Originally uploaded by mege18.
This is a shot of the 16th Street Mall - a one mile stretch of nothing but shops, food, and more shops. This could be very bad for the wallet!


Originally uploaded by mege18.
This is a look at downtown Denver!


Originally uploaded by mege18.
Jack clearly isn't having any problems adjusting to the new place!

A Night Out

Originally uploaded by mege18.
Kristen, Chris and I hanging out at The Celtic, an Irish pub in downtown Denver.

Stairway to Heaven?

Originally uploaded by mege18.
Is this a stairway to heaven? No, it's just the stairs up to our loft that overlooks the living room. It is Jack's new favorite place to hang out and watch over his kingdom.

Guest Bathroom

Originally uploaded by mege18.
This is the the 2nd bathroom. No more waiting in line at the Daniel abode!!

Guest Room

Originally uploaded by mege18.
This is the guest room. It still needs lots of decorating as well, but is a great place to relax if you come to visit! :)

Master Bathroom

Originally uploaded by mege18.
This is the bathroom off of our bedroom. There is a walk-in closet on the right and tons of storage shelves just behind the doorl.

Master Bedroom

Originally uploaded by mege18.
So this is our bedroom - still needs lots of decorating, but we love it so far!


Originally uploaded by mege18.

The City Life

After spending most of the day indoors making calls and getting all the logistics of the move settled, Chris, Jack-the-cat and I headed out for an evening stroll. Jack didn't like the "walk" so much. He ended up spending most of his time sniffing the grass and rolling around in it. Ahh, the life of a cat. We stopped at Fluid to rent the last disc of the first season of "24" and found out that we will get free movie rentals because I work there! Woo hoo for the movie junkies!!! As we stepped back outside to make our way home, I felt a heavy wet spot on my head. It looked like it was going to rain, but that was an awfully BIG drop! Yup, you guessed it...a whopping load of bird poo right on top of my head! eww. I thought I was happy that there were so many trees along our street...maybe not.

Time to shower.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sunburned and lovin' it!

A day spent in the sun (a little too long!), painting pottery at "Ceramics in the City" and ice cream to end the night...I couldn't have asked for a better last day to spend with my sister. We had sooo much fun hanging out and relaxing together. We even took a trip to my new school in Cherry Creek. It is GORGEOUS!

Chris started his new job today and everything seemed to take off without a hitch - that is until it was time to come home at the end of the day. When he got to work this morning he accidentally left his lights on! Let's just say it was a quick way to get to know some of his coworkers as they helped him jump his truck after work. Needless to say, he made it home safely and smiled as he talked about his experiences. His favorite part about his new job - his BRAND NEW 17" DELL LAPTOP! I am so jealous!! He also got hooked up with a new phone, which is always a nice perk to the business. I am happy that he had such a great day. I think this is going to be a great place for him to further his career. :)

Tomorrow will be my first day alone here in Denver as I take Kristen to the airport early in the morning and Chris heads off to work again. I am looking forward to some time to rest after the craziness that is involved with moving. I may do some more exploring as well. Who knows...

Okaly-dokaly, time to spend the last few night time minutes with my sis before heading off to bed and getting up at 3:30 to take her to the airport. Sniff sniff tear. It has been great having her here. :)


Monday, May 09, 2005

Tourists No More

Hello to all!

Everything continues to go smoothly as we transition into our new place. Last night, Kristen, Chris and I decided to go and explore the Denver nightlife. After hopping around a few different places, we ended up at The Celtic - a laid back Irish pub. There was a band playing some of the best covers we have ever heard of 60's, 70's, and 80's classics. The bar had a huge selection of beer on draft and a boisterous crowd to drink it all away. It was a lot of fun. We even met a really nice group of people who seemed genuinely interested in getting to know us. It was nice to feel so welcomed.

After having such a late night, the three of us decided that an hour trip up to the mountains may not be the best idea for Chris's last day of vacation. Thus, we spent the afternoon walking around the neighborhood and wandering in and out of the local shops to see what they have to offer. There is a huge population of artists in the area and so there are a ton of great little unique shops where one can find some of the most interesting items to decorate with or just laugh at for their complete weirdness. We also made a trip down the 6 blocks to the church we are hoping to begin attending. It is so beautiful and after meeting three of the ministers and a few members of the congregation, we felt right at home. We are going to check out one of the services next week and sit in on a small group meeting. They have a HUGE youth progam that they run, so Chris and I jumped at the opportunity to get involved with that.

I am still amazed at how I still feel like I can't ever quite get in enough oxygen. My sister and I started laughing histerically when I went up like 2 flights up stairs and was TOTALLY out of breath! I felt like I was 95 or something! They say it gets better with time. Is this an excuse to not work out? Hmmm...

Anyway, these eyes are getting sleepy and tomorrow is the last day that my sister is here. The weather is supposed to be beautiful once again - I think a few hours of laying out on the rooftop terrace may be in order! :) Chris starts his new job tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see how everything goes. We found out he is only 4.2 miles away from his office! How sweet is that?!?

I am still learning how to add photos into my posts, so I will try and get the pics of our new place and neighborhood up soon.

My very comfy bed is calling...

Saturday, May 07, 2005

We're Here!

Well, we've made it! After a adrenaline-filled ride to the Centenial State, we have unpacked, explored, and begun to make ourselves a new home. Denver is soooooooooo beautiful! Mary, David, and Kristen all came out to help in the move and we have had so much fun exploring the city with them. We have discovered that our new apartment is just minutes from almost all the major city attractions - 16th St. Mall, Invesco Field, Brown Palace Hotel, AMAZING restaurants and mouth-watering shopping. ;) Those things on top of the most beautiful scenery EVER is making it very easy to transition here.

It is hard to believe that we have only been here a few days and have already finished unpacking all but a few boxes....oh wait, I'm married to a Daniel! :) Chris and his dad lead the charge in getting us settled quickly. It was amazing to watch them work and actually quite contageous! Mary, Kristen and I took charge in organizing the chaos that comes with Christmas-like activity of opening one brown box after another. Altogether, it was a very exhilerating and satisfying to see our new home come together. OKAY, it was pretty exhausting too...Chris crashed about an hour ago and is sleeping as I write this. I am so glad that he is taking a break because he starts his new job on Monday with Mark Young Construction. Wish him luck!

Our neighborhood is awesome. The first floor of most of the buildings are occupied by different types of shops. We have made our way slowly from one restaurant to the other - including the MOST AMAZING Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo on the corner of our block. There is also a killer fitness center, a flower shop that emits the most wonderful scents, a hair salon that is far too overpriced, and our personal favorite, Fluid Coffee Bar, the local coffee shop across the street from our place. In an effort to keep myself busy for the summer and get to know the neighborhood occupants better, I applied at the coffee house on whim and got hired as their newest barista! I start next week! Cappucino anyone?

Kristen is staying with us until Tuesday and I am so excited to do some more exploring with her. The three of us may take a trip up to Breckenridge tomorrow and take in the scenery. (Just when I was starting to get over my altitude sickness we decide to go up even higher! Man!) Anyway, it should be a lot of fun spending some quality time with my little sis and getting to know the area with her. She's so cool. :)

Alright, my stomach is rumbling...time to go and satisfy the need to eat. :)

We will post pictures of our place soon.