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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 188: Rescue Renovation

I would venture to say that having a friend on a reality television show is a rare. Even more rare: getting invited to said friend's taped reveal party after the reality show has completed renovation on the home.

Well, this evening, this rare event actually happened! My friend Linda and her family were chosen for this fabulous show on the DIY Network to have their home renovated and shown on national television. The best part is, I'm not quite sure there is a more deserving family out there to have such an incredible opportunity come their way. The Klosowski's are simply the best. :) 

Tonight was the taping of the reveal party where friends and family were invited to walk into the house, talk with the host of Rescue Renovation, hang with the Klosowski's, and soak up the surreal surroundings. I even got to do a stand-alone interview! The finished product was simply stunning and I can't WAIT to see how it all came together on the show. 

Congratulations, Linda, Matt, Lilly, Sammie, and Josh! Tonight, I am thankful to have been witness to your good fortune. :)

Me, Lindsey, Beth, LINDA, Meredith & Donna - All SMS Friends @ The Reveal :)

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