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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Day 241: Now THAT Was a Good Laugh!

One of the things we have been noticing changing with Sofia lately is her recounting of the day's events. Sometimes, she will chatter on during dinner about a series of activities that took place and it all seems plausible. And then, there's nights when Chris and I look at one another in total confusion. Did she really just say that? I understand that much of her "storytelling" is due to her age, but seriously, some the stuff she comes up with is downright hilarious.

Tonight, Sofia told us that a little boy fell over one of the railings on the playground. Chris and I immediately perked up and began to ask the obvious questions of "was he ok?" and "how did it happen?" but as she began to fill in the details, we couldn't help but laugh. Her story was clearly not real. Before we knew it, a fire truck and ambulance had arrived and there was blood everywhere....and then nowhere...and then everywhere again. The nail in the coffin was her description of the cut that resulted from the fall -- she held out her hands about 3 feet apart. I had to laugh into a pillow at that point.

We either have a brilliant storyteller or major confusion between fact and fiction on our hands. In all seriousness, I will be checking to make sure that if a little boy did in fact fall, he was ok. But here's my definite truth: I'm so loving this stage right now and am thankful for these unexpected moments of chuckles.

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