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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Day 245: Before Our Very Eyes

There are times as a parent that you realize your children are growing and learning right before your very eyes. Tonight, we had just such an occasion...twice.

First, Nico blew kisses goodnight. It hit me like a ton of bricks that Nico is entering a new phase of his little life: actual communication. It won't be long before words, sentences and phrases start spewing from that cute, dimpled face of his. It all goes too fast sometimes. However, his mastery of kiss blowing was awfully adorable and worth savoring. Check it out...

Later on, Sofia was sitting at the dinner table "playing school". She, of course, was the teacher and had spent several minutes writing down names on her very important paper (this is what she had called it!). Minding our own business, Chris and I were instructed to respond to roll call. However, we were not allowed to reply "here!" for our own names. No! Any time the name Stinky Socks was called, that was Chris's cue. Mine was Johnny Helper. The twist came when I replied a resounding "HERE" for Johnny Helper but was told that Johnny was "not here, but on a date." What?!? Chris and I were absolutely rolling.

"Kids! Kids!" Sofia ran over with her pen waving in the air. With a stern look she scolded us for laughing because "it was not funny!"

...and we lost it again.

Oh, the joys of parenting! Laughter and learning all in one night. For this, I am thankful!

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Andrea said...

You have just the CUTEST kids ever!! I love their little smiles :) Adorable post...