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Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Today was jam-packed! 

I woke up to a start this morning. I had slept through my alarm! Chris needed to catch a plane, lunches still needed to be packed, and the kids still needed to be woken up. It was going to be a running start!

I jumped out of bed in a panic and realized that Chris wasn't there. His suitcase was on the bed, but the house was quiet. Hmmm. I found him a moment later calmly working in our office; focused and totally chill about what time it was. He was right...there was no need for panic or rushing. I immediately relaxed. 

Nico had his first day in Young 5's. He and his best buds waited in line for the bus with more energy and excitement than I have ever seen before. Sofia was totally ready for the role of the big sister -- carrying the extra bag of classroom snacks, seating the boys on the bus, and making sure they all ended up where they needed to be when they got to school. It was precious.

Sofia was very serious about her duties this morning.
My mom and I continued our annual tradition of birthday lunch and shopping. We grabbed breakfast at my favorite restaurant near home, shopped around the new outlet mall and then had lunch with a friend near Reed's Lake. I treasure our one-on-one time. We are both so's nice to be reminded that slowing down with the people we love can and should happen. 

The day ended with the first night of a class I'm co-teaching at Aquinas College. We have such an awesome group of students!! I was so excited leaving tonight thinking about all the ways these "kids" were going to impact students. This class is their last stop prior to student teaching...and it's an important one. It's going to a great semester with this bunch! 

I closed the garage door at 9:50 tonight to find our babysitter smiling on the couch. With Chris away in Denver on business, she has been a God send. She has taken such good care of the kids and filled me in on all the day's details. She even proudly shared that the kids are developing a routine when they get home...and it's only Day 2 of school! 

Life is busy...but when I reflect on today, nearly every part included a moment in which I could really be present. 

And for this, I am thankful.

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