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Monday, June 06, 2011

Day 121: First Family Hike

 We love exploring what Colorado has to offer. It is seriously a beautiful state. So when we got the chance to go on a hike up to Hanging Lake, we jumped on it. The lake is located one mile up (and I mean UP!) deep inside Glenwood Canyon. Getting to the trail itself is an experience and once the climb begins, there's no turning back.

The trail follows along a river that is created from waterfall by the lake. Due to quickly rising temps, the river flooded much of the trail making for an interesting trek both up and down the canyon. While there were a few slips, trips, cuts and bruises, it was all totally worth it.

Today, I spent the entire day with my kids, husband and our fabulous "Mountain House" neighbors. The weather was outstanding and the adventure was one we will always remember. And for this, I am thankful!

Oh yeah, and I love this...

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GPA said...

What beautiful pictures! That looks like so much fun and reminds me of my dad taking John and I hiking when we were kids in the Smokey Mountains.