Meg's (Ad)Ventures

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 135: Daddies Dearest

I feel extremely honored to have the men in my life that I do. My dad and step-dad modeled love, kindness and respect in fatherhood and martial partnership in countless ways as I grew up. This offered me a clear vision of what to look for in my own spouse when I was ready to get married. I immediately knew that Chris would fit within the standards that had been set after meeting his dad for the first time. He too, was kind, loving and respectful.

I am thankful that my sister and I had such strong role models as we grew up in the areas of love, parenthood and partnership. I am thankful that Dad, Brian, David and Chris are men that I can always count on to be genuine. I am thankful that my children will have men in their lives who are confident and successful but who place their families first. And most of all, I am thankful that these men are all fathers. They have all blessed so many in so many ways and I love them all! :)

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Debbie said...

What a lovely message, honey.....We all love you too.