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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 146: More Than Before

When we first moved to Denver, I found a summer job working as a barista at the neighborhood coffee shop. It was a nice way to fill the time before the school year began and it gave me an opportunity to meet nearly everyone in the neighborhood. The shop had only been open a few months before I began working there and it seemed like every day business was improving. When I asked the owner what his plan was to increase business his response was simple: Just make more next month than he did this month.

Worked for me.

I've been thinking about that model a lot lately as it pertains to this blog. I began writing here more than 6 years ago as a way to chronicle our new life out west as a young married couple and then as a family. I didn't really care who read my blog. It was my digital diary. When I shifted the focus to 365 days of thankfulness as a part of my process for healing from post-partum depression, something changed. I do care who reads what I have to say. I care that by finding one small moment in each day to be thankful for, it provides a completely different perspective on how I continue to push forward. I care that my thankfulness is impacting the lives of others.

So here's my goal: More than before. This is a picture of the traffic on my blog as of the last 2 years. Since I have begun my thankfulness focus, my hits have increased dramatically -- each month more than before. I am thankful for this. But I'd like to see my readership increase still. So share. Please share. If you've found any of what I've written compelling -- or even laughable, please, share this site with others.

I am grateful for each and every day. That can be contagious, right?


GPA said...

Caught back up again! Great haircut! You should send Chris there and see what they can do!

Anonymous said...

regardless of what your data says you've got a dang good blog that we enjoy reading out here in Cali...